The HumiGuard® System for Humidity Measurement in Concrete

Made to measure humidity of a concrete structure and to control drying, accurately and at low cost.

Floor coverings can be laid on a new concrete floor, when the humidity of the concrete is low enough.

The Equilibrium Relative Humidity and temperature of concrete are measured with a number of sensors permanently embedded in the concrete structure.

Holes are drilled in the concrete and measurement tubes with a sealing flange are inserted into the holes. A sensor is mounted on a sealing contact, which is inserted into each tube.

The humidity inside a tube will be in equilibrium with a small concrete surface at the tube inner end. A reading is taken by connecting a meter to the contact wires. The wires are thin in order to minimize heat transfer between sensor and environment.

Relative humidity range: 75 – 98 %
Temperature range: 0 – 40 °C
Measurement uncertainty: Computed according to measurement conditions

The HumiGuard® system is approved by The Advisory Council for Building Competence, RBK.

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